God Opens the Heart

Help for those who are discouraged as they try to share their faith.

Message 4 of 4 in our 2013 revival meetings.

God's Kingdom: A Treasure Forever

Message 3 of 4 in our 2013 revival meetings.

The Growth of God's Kingdom

Message 2 of 4 in our 2013 revival meetings.

Message1 of 4 of our 2013 revival meetings.

Christians won't always agree, but can we can focus on how much God loves the person with whom we disagree.

Being a Christian means we lay aside our freedom in order not to offend our fellow believers.

The church in Jerusalem tells the Gentile congregations to avoid meat sacrificed to idols, sexual immorality, meat that's been strangled, and blood. Today we explore how these four unusual commands relate to us as we try to get along with each other.

Guilt: A Christian Response

Believers should imitate the author's agony over his sin, but also his confidence in the Lord's forgiveness.