Being a Christian means we lay aside our freedom in order not to offend our fellow believers.

The church in Jerusalem tells the Gentile congregations to avoid meat sacrificed to idols, sexual immorality, meat that's been strangled, and blood. Today we explore how these four unusual commands relate to us as we try to get along with each other.

Guilt: A Christian Response

Believers should imitate the author's agony over his sin, but also his confidence in the Lord's forgiveness.

Paul and Barnabas' missionary activity has a lot to say to Christians and non-Christians.

What is Justification?

Paul tells a group of religious Jews and Gentiles that justification is available because of the resurrection, not because of the Law of Moses.

Paul and Barnabas set out on the first missionary journey, and we would do well to imitate their plan to make disciples.

God kills King Herod for not giving him glory. The lesson: our lives and our lips should be dedicated to praising him.

A call to pray like the early church did when Peter was in prison.

Peter gets confronted by Paul for not accepting Gentiles, but God isn't finished with Peter.