Sunday School

Our classes have two main purposes--learn more about the Bible and get to know other people in the church and community. Whether you're a Christian or you're exploring the Christian faith, it's good to have a safe place to ask questions about God.  That's why we have Sunday School.

The youth Sunday School class (grades 7-12) meets in the youth building, and the children Sunday School class (grades k-6) meets on the lower level of education building.

GCBC's adult classes vary in size from five to fifteen.  They are not strictly divided by age or marital status, so anyone can pick any class. However, some classes end up favoring certain life phases.  For instance, there's a class of mostly senior adult women.  But most adult classes have men and women, singles and married, and a variety of ages. 

We encourage you to pick a class where you feel comfortable, and we believe it is healthy when believers from different ages get to know one another.  Senior adults have a lot they can impart to college students, and young adults may even have some insight to share with those who have more life experience.  We believe inter-generational relationships are part of a healthy congregation.  If you're visiting, ask a greeter to help you find a classroom.

All Adult Sunday School classes are located in rooms that surround the auditorium (except the senior adult men class, which is on the main floor of our educational building).

Sunday School starts at 9:30 a.m.